Shipping Agency


We live in a big world with hundreds of millions of companies and billions of people. These numbers are immense and keep increasing every year. All these people and all these companies are, in some way or another, interconnected. Regardless of the borders, different time zones, cultures, and languages, all these millions of businesses rely on each other too.

In our interconnected world, services are needed to navigate the complexities of international trade. Expanding businesses require reliable solutions to overcome logistical challenges. Without them, companies face obstacles in sourcing, distributing, and accessing new markets. Such solutions foster economic growth and international collaboration. This is where a shipping agency like Total Transport can help.

What is a Shipping Agency?

A shipping agency is a business that acts as a local agency for several shipping companies. Major carriers around the world maintain a network of shipping agents at major port cities where they provide shipping services. As a shipping agency, Total Transport procures the booking of shipping space from local shippers for such carriers. A shipping agency plays a crucial role in coordinating various aspects of the shipping process. We handle tasks such as vessel husbanding, booking cargo space, arranging transportation logistics, managing documentation, and ensuring compliance with port regulations.

By providing business delivery services from manufacturers to ports, we have established a network that covers strategic locations. By serving as a point of contact, shipping agencies streamline communication between businesses and shipping lines, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of goods. They leverage their expertise and industry knowledge to negotiate contracts, secure favourable terms, and allocate cargo space effectively, providing businesses with cost-effective shipping solutions.

What can a Shipping Agency do for you?

Liner agencies offer valuable services to businesses. They provide cargo tracking capabilities, assistance with documentation for smooth customs clearance, and cargo insurance options to protect businesses against potential risks during transit. For individuals new to the industry, a shipping agency is very helpful as it offers comprehensive support and expertise throughout the shipping process, ensuring smooth operations and efficient handling of goods. Here are some key advantages of shipping agencies:

  1. Booking and Allocation: Shipping agencies assist businesses in booking cargo space on liner ships and handle the allocation of cargo space. They have the knowledge and connections to secure the most suitable options for their clients, considering factors such as route, transit time, and cost.
  2. Documentation and Customs: Shipping agencies provide guidance and assistance in preparing and managing various documents, such as bills of lading, commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin needed for import and export of goods. They ensure that all documentation is accurate, complete, and in compliance with international trade regulations and customs requirements.
  3. Cargo Tracking: Shipping agencies offer tracking services that allow businesses to monitor the movement of their shipments in real-time. Through online platforms or communication channels, businesses can access up-to-date information about the location, status, and estimated arrival times of their cargo.
  4. Customs Clearance and Port Services: Navigating customs procedures and port operations can be challenging for newcomers to the shipping industry. Shipping agencies have the expertise to guide businesses through the customs clearance process and coordinate port services, ensuring compliance with regulations and smooth transit of goods.

With these comprehensive services, shipping agencies serve as trusted partners for businesses entering the shipping industry or engaging in import and export activities. They provide valuable support, expertise, and a seamless experience, enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of international trade with confidence and efficiency.

Shipping agencies like Total Transport play a vital role in the interconnected world of international trade. Their expertise and services streamline the complex shipping process, enabling businesses to expand and serve globally. With the support and benefits of shipping, businesses can navigate the challenges of the shipping industry with confidence, fostering growth and success in the global marketplace.